Tree Risk Assessment Durham, NC

The professional arborists at Hamm’s Tree Service are trained to assess and identify potential tree risks in Durham, NC long before they can likely occur.

They are big and beautiful providing shade and shelter, but trees can also become dangerous. When a tree is damaged from a storm or branches break off due to weight or other health issues, they become a liability.

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As homeowners are responsible for keeping the trees on their property cared for, one of the main chores that should be included is a regular assessment of risk. Branches break and fall and often cause damage to fences, vehicles and other property.

The best way to avoid liability issues is to contact Hamm’s Tree Service on the phone at (919) 641-3064 or via e-mail for a free estimate on Durham tree risk assessment programs.

The Science of Tree Risk Assessment

There are a number of factors that can turn a strong and healthy growing tree into a potential hazard tree. This is why it is essential to be able to properly assess the potential risk long before something is damaged or someone gets hurt.

Factors vary greatly and can be as simple as looking for obvious changes to the bark, trunk and branches of a tree while others may lurk underground.

Other risks can come from the area surrounding the tree such as construction, changes to soil conditions and nearby tree removal. All of these events have a profound effect on nearby healthy trees.

The certified arborists at Hamm’s Tree Service follow a complete checklist of indicators and are skilled in detecting trees that may be at risk and can recommend treatments and solutions.

Why Hamm’s Tree Service?

Hamm’s Tree Service started in 1996 and have amassed years of experience on any format of tree service including risk assessment. Our professional arborists are trained and continually upgrade their training to provide you with the most up-to-date solutions to your tree health care issues.

Based in Durham, North Carolina, we also provide service to the communities of Chapel Hill, Roxboro, Hillsborough and Mebane.

As risk assessment is different from one location to the next, there is no such thing as a blanket price.

As a result, we find that customers prefer our personal touch where we do a site visit to look around the property. We then use that information to create an accurate cost estimate based on a budget with affordable job completion as the ultimate goal.

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