Tree Removal Durham, NC

At Hamm’s Tree Service, we have a staff of fully licensed & insured certified arborists who can make the job of tree removal in Durham, NC simple. We can also assist in the risk examination process for each tree in your yard to help you decide which trees need to be taken out.

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There’s a lot more to tree removal than flipping a coin to decide which trees stay on your property and which ones go. Call us today at (919) 641-3064 to get a free estimate on your removal needs.

The Science of Tree Removal

Tree diseases and tree damage are the main reasons for removal, but before determining that as the best remedy to your situation, there are a number of factors to consider.

The checklist covers various points such as species, tree health, damage, location, history and environment. The staff at Hamm’s Tree Services can assess the trees in your yard and property then identify any that may need to be removed – you can contact us by phone at (919) 641-3064 or e-mail for a free estimate for this service.

Tree removal can result from one being an undesirable species to another that may be dying from a variety of diseases or pest attacks. The tree may have experienced damage from some form of trauma or has a number of dead branches.

The tree may be located close to utility power lines, has not fully recovered from repeated pruning or is suffering from exposure to pollution.

All of these possibilities may lead to the decision to remove a tree from your Durham yard. We will take a hard look at all of these factors and discuss with you possible solutions and alternatives.

However, there are times when tree removal is best for the tree and its surroundings – and we have the expertise, knowledge and skill to do the job and get it done right the first time.

Why Hamm’s Tree Service?

Hamm’s Tree Service was established in 1996 in Durham, North Carolina and we also service the surrounding communities of Chapel Hill, Roxboro, Hillsborough and Mebane. We conduct business in an old fashioned way where we aren’t satisfied until we have completed the job – when our customers are satisfied.

That means we build relationships, work together and plan to reach the finish line at the same time with an eye on service and performance.

When it comes to tree removal, there are no two projects that are the same so we like to take a site inspection to assess the situation and put together a cost estimate personalized to the specific job.

We keep our work within budget and meet all the current safety standards in place for certified arborists. For your free estimate on our tree removal program call (919) 641-3064 or e-mail Hamm’s Tree Service today.