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The certified arborists at Hamm’s Tree Service know how to identify trees in need of pruning in Durham, NC and have all the equipment required to get the job done correctly.

We will visit your properly to take a closer look at what work needs to be done, and the site inspection assists in creating an accurate cost estimate personalized to your specific requirements and budget.

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Why Prune?

One of the most important maintenance programs required for trees is tree pruning.

Essentially, pruning is the removal of dead or hazardous tree branches from an existing tree. Removing dead branches assists in promoting new growth while the pruning of hazardous branches may be required to keep them from growing into utility lines or damaging your home.

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The Science of Pruning

The best time in a normal annual life cycle of a tree in Durham for pruning dead branches is during the period when it is dormant. The removal of a branch from a living tree creates a wound (which may then necessitate tree removal) and skill is required in order to reduce the damage caused by a cut.

The certified arborists at Hamm’s Tree Services have the knowledge and skill that can reduce the time it takes for a healthy tree to recover from the pruning of branches without affecting the growth cycle.

Pruning of branches from a tree can not only enhance the cosmetic look of a tree, it can improve the health by removing branches that block sunlight and can slow growth.

The removal of branches from a tree through pruning is also a key to keeping the size of the tree manageable. To find out more about the benefits of pruning contact us at Hamm’s Tree Services today.

Why Hamm’s Tree Service?

Hamm’s Tree Service has been in business since 1996. Based in Durham, North Carolina we also provide service to the surrounding area including Chapel Hill, Roxboro, Hillsborough, and Mebane. Our arborists are certified and specialize in servicing planned communities, residential, sub-division, apartment complexes and new developments.

We approach each job as if we were pruning or trimming the trees and shrubs in our own yard and neighborhood. We are proud of our work and work with our customers to provide affordable Durham tree service that makes your property stand out and get the attention it deserves.

As each location has specific challenges our rates are tailored to your requirements and for a free estimate on how Hamm’s Tree Services can enhance your yard call (919) 641-3064 or e-mail us today.