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Trees play a huge role in keeping us alive and Hamm’s Tree Service understands the connection between tree health and the health of our Durham, NC environment.

Trees are more than giant swaying lawn ornaments that need to be trimmed every so often. Trees provide more than shade and beauty to the average property or neighborhood as they happen to be vital to the survival of the planet.

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Trees growing in a forest have different environments than those that grow in and around our communities. Forest trees can live to be one hundred years old or older where ‘city trees’ typically have a lifespan of less than forty years and the majority of the difference come from health risks presented by life in an urban environment.

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The Science of Tree Health Care

There is a lot more to taking care of trees than just planting, watering, pruning and trimming. Because trees living and growing in our yards and neighborhoods are subjected to various harsh elements, their health is at a higher risk.

A tree that may look healthy could be suffering from a pest attack or disease which, left untreated, will result in dead leaves, branches and even damage to root systems that feed the entire tree.

Trees are as individual as humans and as such their surroundings play a huge role in how they grow and how they fight off potential health hazards in Durham. Space, sunlight conditions, ground composition, soil and environmental conditions will all impact how a tree grows and healthy trees produce oxygen for our survival.

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Why Hamm’s Tree Service?

Established in 1996, we at Hamm’s Tree Service have built our business on providing our customers in the Durham, North Carolina area with professional, personal service with a focus on being affordable.

Our certified arborists are trained in all aspects of tree service and have a complete understanding of what a tree requires in health care. Our goal is to remedy the situation quickly and efficiently and within your specific budget.

We also provide these services to the surrounding communities of Chapel Hill, Roxboro, Hillsborough and Mebane along with any other tree care service you may require.

As no two trees are exactly alike, our tree care programs vary from property to property. This allows us to personalize our program just for you and we can provide you with a free estimate if you call (919) 641-3064 or e-mail us at Hamm’s Tree Service today.