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Our team of certified arborists are highly trained and experienced in Durham, NC stump grinding & removal. Give us a call at (919) 641-3064 for a free estimate on your project (cost is determined by size of stump).

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You can only disguise or hide an old stump after a tree removal in your yard for so long. Eventually it will be in the way of some other project or feature you may want to add to further enhance your home or property. But how on Earth are you going to make room for that garden or garage with that ugly stump sitting right over there?

Stump grinding will be your easiest, most affordable and quickest way to solve the problem.

Hamm’s Tree Service is fully equipped to tackle even the most stubborn of tree stumps and grind them into just a memory. We have the skill to do the job right on the first visit saving you time and money trying to do it yourself.

The Science of Stump Grinding

Using a large rotating horizontally-mounted blade, the grinder operator removes a stump by moving the blade back and forth over the top of the stump.

The blade drops as the stump is reduced in size until it is completely gone. This is a highly specialized job which requires properly trained certified arborists to complete correctly and safely.

The stump is usually ground into wood chips to a depth of between four and eight inches below the ground surface. This allows for an easy replacement of grass to remove any sign of the stump and the wood chips created can be used elsewhere in your yard.

Hamm’s Tree Service has the qualified people on staff to eliminate annoying stumps in your yard and for a free estimate call (919) 641-3064 or e-mail us today.

Why Hamm’s Tree Service?

Established in 1996, Hamm’s Tree Service is based in Durham, North Carolina but we also service the surrounding communities of Chapel Hill, Roxboro, Hillsborough and Mebane. While we have experience in serving any development ranging from apartment complexes to planned communities, we still do things with old-fashioned values.

We work with our customers to make their yard and property a joy to spend time in by treating each one as if it was our own.

Customer satisfaction is our goal, and as each job is different from one property to the next – we closely examine the stumps to be removed and develop a quote based on the specific job.

We also work with our customers to keep pricing affordable and within their budget. To receive your free stump removal estimate, call (919) 641-3064 or e-mail Hamm’s Tree Service today.