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Firewood sale & delivery in Durham, NC is one of the many services provided by Hamm’s Tree Service. Our professional arborists can also remove trees on your property & turn them into firewood. Call (919) 641-3064 or e-mail us today for a free estimate on the firewood we have available.

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One of the most practical and cost effective by-products that come from trees is firewood. Believe it or not, there is a lot more to harvesting firewood from trees than travelling miles up a logging road with a chainsaw and a warm jacket.

In fact, you may already have a number of trees on your property that would serve you better by keeping you and your home warm this winter.

The Science of Firewood Harvesting

Not just any tree will make good firewood. There are four basic requirements for excellent firewood and they are heat value, smoke production, fragrance and ease of splitting. With choices ranging from light to dense softwoods and hardwoods it isn’t as easy as one may think to pick the right tree for the fireplace.

Our professional arborists can test the ground and soil in your yard to determine what species will grow best and provide you with the best value as firewood.

Planting trees for firewood takes a lot of planning and considerations such as space and sunlight. We can advise you on the correct species to grow for firewood based on soil conditions, natural light and water access.

Trees need space in Durham to grow as well as space below the ground surface for healthy root systems to develop. Sunlight is converted by leaves to sugars which enhances new growth and to find out more about our firewood harvesting program call or e-mail Hamm’s Tree Service.

Why Hamm’s Tree Service?

Our tree service in Durham has been in business since 1996 and also provides service to the nearby communities of Chapel Hill, Roxboro, Hillsborough and Mebane.

Our team has a complete understanding and knowledge of all forms or tree service including firewood sale, delivery & harvesting. We believe in the importance of working with our customers to satisfy their requirements safely, properly and within their budget.

We sell our firewood in cords & ricks. For harvesting recommendations, individual orders & projects differ from one to another, and we pride ourselves in being able to assess each situation following an onsite visit and examination. The process continues from that point where our team of professional arborists will work with the customer and develop a plan that meets their requirements and budget.

For your free estimate on firewood, call (919) 641-3064 or e-mail us at Hamm’s Tree Service today.